Services & Fees

  • There is a one hour minimum ($85) on all services, plus a travel fee ($10) if needed.
  • After the first hour, we bill in 15 minute ($21.25) increments.
  • Multiple services can be combined together to make up the first and subsequent hours of service.

Computer Service
Set-up a new computer $99/Hour
Consultation on new computer purchases $45
Upgrade to Windows XP or Vista $99/Hour
Upgrade to Windows Media Center Edition $99/Hour
Upgrade your wireless network $99/Hour
Set-up a new wireless network $99/Hour
Set-up wireless printing $99/Hour
Install a All-in-One printer/scanner/copier/fax $99/Hour
Install Memory (RAM) $99/Hour
Troubleshoot a computer or network problem $99/Hour
Fine tune your system $99/Hour
Speed up your computer $99/Hour
Remove a virus $99/Hour
Install an Antivirus or Internet Security solution $99/Hour
Malware Clean-Up (Spyware, Viruses, Pop-Ups) $99/Hour
Install a anti-spyware solution $99/Hour
Install software applications $99/Hour
Training on applications $99/Hour
Software troubleshooting $99/Hour
Handheld and Mobile device set-up, consultation, and troubleshooting $99/Hour
Back-up and transfer your data $99/Hour

Home Theater, Audio, and Media Center Design and Integration
Update to existing system $99/Hour
Addition of surround sound $99/Hour
Addition of High Definition TV and DVD $99/Hour
Remote control consolidation $99/Hour
Remote control programming $99/Hour
Xbox Live or PlayStation Set-up $99/Hour
Integrate your computer with your Home Theater $99/Hour
TiVo® set-up $99/Hour
Rewire and reconnect your existing home audio devices properly $99/Hour
Design and install a full house music solution $99/Hour
Configure and fine tune your home audio system $99/Hour
Training and consultation on home audio systems $99/Hour

iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android (or any other MP3 players)
Get an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android working! $99/Hour
Training on how to use your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android/MP3 player and it’s software $99/Hour
Get an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android music solution for your car $99/Hour
Get an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android music solution for your boat $99/Hour

Digital Photos
Transfer photos to your computer $99/Hour
Organize your photos on your computer $99/Hour
Burn your photos to a CD $99/Hour
Edit your photos (cropping, red eye removal, etc.) $99/Hour
View your digital photo albums on your TV $99/Hour

Remote access setup
Get connected to your office from home $99/Hour
Get connected from your office to your home $99/Hour
Get connected to almost anything, from almost anywhere $99/Hour
Get email on your cell phone, Android, iPhone or other handheld device $99/Hour

Get your Bluetooth phone connected to your car $99/Hour
Get your Bluetooth headset connected to your cell phone $99/Hour
Get your laptop connected to your cell phone, Treo©, Blackberry© or other handheld device $99/Hour
Get your email from anywhere $99/Hour
Go wireless (keyboards, mice, etc.) $99/Hour
Privacy, security, safety $99/Hour
Stop your kids from spending all their time on MySpace or instant messaging $99/Hour
Monitor your kids on MySpace or instant messaging $99/Hour
Keep your neighbor off your wireless network $99/Hour
Learn about phishing scams and other online dangers $99/Hour
Install back-up solutions to protect your data $99/Hour

One-on-One Training
Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Power Point, Outlook, etc.) $99/Hour
How to safely browse the internet $99/Hour

Website Hosting and Development
Websites Creation $100/Hour ($500 minimum)
Websites Hosting $110/year ($10/month with one month free)
Domain Name Registration $35/year
Keep your Domain Name Registration information private $10/year

Data Recovery
Data Recovery $250 and UP

 And Much, Much More…Just Ask us, We Can Do it!